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An Artist from the global mycelium network


Titta Kuisma is born 9th of October 1978. She is Chief Marketing Officer at Kipuwex Ltd, medtech company from Finland. Kipuwex is a complete remote monitoring and pain assessment device for the healthcare industry. Kipuwex’s mission is to combat healthcare inequality and help millions of people. Kipuwex’s vision is to become a world-leading company in the pain management domain. 

She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing from the healthcare and wellbeing industry. She has also entrepreneurial background and specializes in branding and international business. She develops and executes the organization’s marketing strategy. Creates and maintains a positive brand image for the organization. 

Truly a multifaceted being. Artist at Henningson Black Level, which is a global luxury brand. Her art is available for purchase through Henningson Black Level, HBL art. Painting has an important role in her life. “Painting is a form of therapy and self-expression for me. As you immerse yourself in the creative process, you can find yourself transported to another world, where you are free to explore your imagination and express yourself without limitations. The painting also helps to connect with my innermost thoughts and feelings, to express my emotions and ideas in a visual way, combining different elements and colors to create something unique and meaningful. “ 

Titta Kuisma is an Author and Global Speaker. Original thinker and doer. Dynamic, charismatic, and compelling leader. Known for her multitasking skills and cultural awareness. Relationship builder. Voice of women and girls who are victims of violence. Global Ambassador for Children’s Rights with FAAVM, Canada. Internationally awarded “Book for Peace Lifetime Work” as the Founder of Happy Ambassador Concept for Early Education, which promotes fun learning with many senses, and overall well-being for children. The concept is under the Finnish Export education program and has been highlighted in the Fatima Bint Mubarak Presidential Awards for Motherhood and Childhood.  

Titta Kuisma is nominated for the Special Prize BOOKS FOR PEACE 2023, a prestigious honor for her new self-healing book for mental health, especially for women "Empower your thoughts with flowers" in recognition of her significant and invaluable contribution to peace, humanity, women's rights and healthcare, culture and literature. Titta Kuisma is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through her healthcare initiatives, women’s empowerment, art, and early education programs.  

Kipuwex’s PainCARER is a mobile application for pain monitoring and self-assessment, which is an easy-to-use and reliable way to record and evaluate chronic pain experiences, to manage your pain experience. Titta Kuisma is Co-Founder of PainCARER Trauma mobile application to develop solutions in order to facilitate the unlocking of traumatic memory attacks."I truly understand it, as it took me nearly 20 years to be strong enough to open up and to create solutions to unlock traumatic memory attacks. From my own life experience, I know the journey well. People who have experienced traumatic events are highly resilient and develop appropriate coping strategies mostly by themselves. Like me, I didn’t show my pain to others, I created solutions, but it was limiting my life in different ways. 

She has undertaken multiple initiatives and implemented various solutions pertaining to the healing and recovery of women and girls. "By my own actions, I encourage and empower other girls and women to choose love, instead of fear. Choose love, as you deserve to be loved, to be cared for, to be healed, and to live a happy life. You are not alone. To unlock traumatic memory attacks, it’s a process. Process, which you can choose to be private or between you and your therapist. I have always had a strong stamp in me. I thought I needed to be strong enough to deal with my traumas on my own, but I was wrong. You get stronger, when you admit, you need help. And we want to offer easy access, an easy solution for it. PainCARER mobile app, to take care of your pain. I wish it will be available for users soon as we still need a small investment to finalize it with mental healthcare professionals.”  

“My slogan is: Towards Happy Times as Happiness is Within. For that I have designed a women’s bag and watch collection – as you see – traumas are quite an effective source of creativity, when you just try to heal yourself, trying to cope with it. Life should be easier for those who suffer traumas, that’s why we have developed solutions to help.”  - Titta Kuisma 

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Copyright: Titta Kuisma


Copyright: Titta Kuisma



Copyright: Titta Kuisma



Copyright: Titta Kuisma



Copyright: Titta Kuisma


Copyright: Titta Kuisma


Copyright: Titta Kuisma

I can see you.jpeg

I can see you
Copyright: Titta Kuisma

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Thank you Titta for your beautiful art!
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