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Donate 200 euros, and you will be a Founding Member of the Octopus Movement.
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Our Founding Members:

Theo Purmer (the Netherlands)

Benno Erhardt (Liechtenstein)

Ilaria Tedesco (Italy)

Yoka Brouwer (USA)

McDiver Reabold (USA)

Han Rijndorp (the Netherlands)

Alvie Balayo (Belgium)

Sujata Tiwari (Singapore)

Casey Berman (USA)

Richard Clark (UK)

Darren Sprinkle (Canada)

Katie Melton (USA)

Emmanuel Brault (France)

Lukasz Kuna (Finland)

Tamar Betsalel (the Netherlands)

Amy Baker (USA)

Rosaria Cirillo (the Netherlands)

Benjamin Dennis (China)