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Pick My Neurodiverse Brain is an innovative project with a clear objective: to promote awareness and inclusivity of individuals with neurodiversity. We believe that by connecting people based on their unique neurological makeup, we can foster greater understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of neurodiversity.

To achieve this goal, we offer a comprehensive range of resources, including an orientation course, toolkit, and global events, as well as training, workshops, and consultancy services on the topic of neurodiversity.

Our project is designed to inspire and support a broad range of individuals and organizations, including education professionals, HR professionals, parents of neurodivergent children, job coach organizations, and governments.

At Pick My Neurodiverse Brain, we are passionate about creating a world where neurodiversity is recognized and valued.

We are proud to be an initiative of the Octopus Movement, supported by Erasmus+. Join us in our mission to promote inclusivity, understanding, and acceptance of neurodiversity!

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