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Angela, aka Mama Pistachio, ÂûDHD Educator, Certified Sexologist & Coach, Sensory Environment Strategist | Advocacy & Support for Neurodivergent & Queer Health and Relationships Like the octopus has many tentacles, brains, and hearts, humans have many experiences. Each experience influences how we think about, feel about, and participate in the world around us. And our nervous system is at the center of it all. Through an intersectional lens, I advocate and support neurodivergent and queer health and relationships.

I am a trauma-informed, professionally licensed teacher, educator, and coach, an ABS certified clinical sexologist, sensory environment strategist, and community advocate. I hold a Masters of Education, membership in the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, Modern Military Association of America, American Board of Sexology, American College of Sexologists International, World Association for Sexual Health, and World Association of Sex Coaches.

Additionally, I am a proud neurodivergent, queer, military spouse and mom. I co-host the Drudgery and Dreams Podcast and am the Executive Navigator and a founding member of the Umbrella Alliance. When not working, I can be found researching all things sensory processing, nervous system regulation, and neuroqueering, playing D&D with my family, or hunting ghosts and killing zombies on my favorite video games.

I offer 1-1 coaching for neurodivergent and queer individuals and small-business owners, mentorship for sexuality professionals, and consulting for organizations to create inclusive, sex-positive and neurodivergent allied, psychologically safe work environments.

Angela Locashio

Angela Locashio

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