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Survival Guide

This Survival Guide is essential reading for every member of the Octopus Movement, first time or not, take some time to read this.

We are here to drive acceptance and awareness of the awesome abilities of nonlinear thinkers and embed our diverse experience, expertise, and polymathic skills inside institutions ready and willing to tackle the trickiest challenges of today and tomorrow. And we can't do that without the effort of a mycelium network of brilliant minds and warm hearts.

The Steps
8 in total
For every arm one.

1, registration.

Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 11.39.36.png


Choose how to swim with us.

When you register, you can choose what you want to do with the movement.
Just support and swim with other octopuses
or become a teacher, a specialist, or/and a global think tank member.

2, where do you want to swim
with other octopuses?

Swimming with other octopuses is amazing. 

"A fantastic movement to change the world for people whose minds are complex and amazing and who have so much potential." - Brittney (USA)

"A great place to meet people who won't be contained/constrained by society: they think outside the box, are creative and multitalented" - Brenda (South Africa)

"I highly recommend the Octopus Movement if you have been called weird but you know you are unique!" - Yoka (the Netherlands)

"A supportive environment of like-minded thinkers trying to make a positive difference in the world." - Dusty (Australia)

"The Octopus Movement has brought meaning to many that might have felt misunderstood in a linear world. Celebrating each member's uniqueness and contribution. What an inspirational group to be a part of." - Michelle (UK)


3, check out the manifesto.
Is your language available?

Open Book





We would love to have the manifesto in as
many languages as possible so we are 
accessible for everyone!

4, we can make it happen thanks to your donation.

We Only Have One Home

With your donation, we can make a difference. 
Are you an artist? You can also donate art.


5, find your project.

Image by Alexandre Pellaes



That change
The world

A global art project with 398 amazing nonlinear thinkers,
A global think tank to create 22 white papers,
A global education project to teach 1 million children.

6, the movement on social media.

Image by Annie Spratt


7, you can become a Founding Member.

Image by Tim Marshall




your FM


With your Founding Member NFT you will have access to
the monthly brainstorm and hangout sessions with
the founder, Perry Knoppert.

8, create a PickMyBrain profile.

Medical Technology

We use 

We use the platform to show
the members of the Octopus Teachers,
the Octopus Specialists, and the Octopus Think Tank.
Using this platform it's easy to connect to our members using the 
mycelium network of brilliant brains and warm hearts.
Create a profile if you also want to be found on our website.
Contact us if you have any questions.

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