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The Ring

This is not just a fashion accessory, but a conversation starter, a prompt for spontaneous think tanks. It's a symbol of the collective intelligence and brilliance of nonlinear thinkers globally. 

Made by two young designers in Sweden, from recycled plastics, this ring connects all the members of the Octopus Movement, "Octovists" together.

This Octopus Ring has eight distinct powers: 
1. Monkey Powers,

this power is about the playfulness and adaptability.
(the ring als acts for a widget)

2. Access & Inclusion,
wearing this ting grants free access to Octopus Movement Sessions.
3. Octopus Creativity, 
this power echoes the ability of an octopus to adapt.
4. Self-Affirmation,
the ring fosters a strong sense of self-awareness.
5. Linear Converter,
this power allows the wearer to bridge the gap between linear and nonlinear thinkers.
6. Multiversal Awareness,
fostering a broader perspective and intellectual flexibility.
7. Unified Energy & Connectivity,
this helps Octopi connect with other nonlinear thinkers.
8. Elevated Thought,
allowing the wearer to maintain a focus on positive, constructive and innovative ideas.

This ring is now exclusive available for the members of the Octopus Movement. To order the ring, please use the form "order".

We are starting with the 8-ring, made in 2024, in the colour octopus pink. Every ring is unique and is hand-made. The colour is slightly different for every ring. It has tiny little elements of white/transparent parts.

You can choose between a standard ring and a wide ring. (see pictures below) The sizes available are s-m-l, see below for the details.


Rounded ring

Octopus 8
€ 19,50

Flat ring

Octopus 8
€ 19,50
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