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Why join this global movement? 



Our goal is to create a global mycelium network of 1 billion amazing brains, connected with each other. 

Benfits the octopus movement

Great benefits

You'll get access to events, networking, support, visibility & we hire people to work with us on special projects.

Celebrate nonlinear thinking

Celebrates you

We don't fit in a box, there are no rules. It's about you, in all diversity.

free of charge

Free of charge

Welcome to the global movement, connect, get involved, learn and swim with other octopuses all for free.

Impact global movement

Big Impact

Together we can make a difference. A beautiful balance between the linear and nonlinear world. 

be the change

You're a part of it all

Be the change you want to see in the world. Now you can actively create change. 

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