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Our Global Community is a "Human Mycelium"

Our structure of unique minds behaves like a mycelial network.

The mycelial network is what keeps organic life on this planet turning. Mycelium plays many key roles in keeping the ecosystem healthy. 

We see a similarity in the network within the Octopus Movement. We are nature, and we are also connected all together.

To be in the global Human Mycelium of the Octopus Movement you join our movement. 


When you are in the movement you can join our events and projects like:

  • Brain Lunch© (teaching from our Octopus University)

  • Weekly meditation sessions

  • Meet the Other Octopi (network event)

  • Project398 (an art book)

  • Interviews

  • Book Club

  • Film Club

  • the Situation Room (a central place of ideas, thoughts, innovation etc.)

  • Think Tank

  • Art Gallery

  • etc.

You can have the following roles:

Would you like to know more? Check out our online instruction video "How to" on our Disco platform


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