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You're an Octopus: Now What?

Welcome to Your Journey into Nonlinear Thinking and Innovation

Welcome to the Octopus Movement, the hub for different thinking, where innovation thrives through the power of nonlinear perspectives. If you've ever felt that your way of seeing the world doesn't quite fit the linear mold, you're in the right place. Our global mycelium of Octopuses—or Octopi, if you prefer—is a dynamic network committed to fostering innovation, tackling global challenges, and promoting positive change. As you explore the intricate avenues of "The Science of You," you'll not only come to fully understand your unique capacities but also learn to wield them in impactful ways. Dive into our community, engage with like-minded individuals, and leverage your nonlinear thinking for the greater good. So, now that you're an Octopus—what's next? Navigate through this page to find out!

Understanding "The Science of You"

"Why Knowing Yourself Matters". 
In a linear world that often values straightforward paths and predictable outcomes, being a nonlinear thinker can feel like swimming against the current. Knowing yourself—the "Science of You"—is vital because it allows you to understand how your unique cognitive patterns operate. This self-awareness equips you to bridge the gap between your nonlinear thinking and a linear world, turning perceived obstacles into opportunities for innovation and positive change. Essentially, understanding yourself helps you navigate and contribute to the world in a way that aligns with your inherent strengths and thinking style.
Tools: Are coming, the Octopus University is being build. 

Joining the Mycelium (Community)

"Why Community Matters"

Celine: I am happy to have a community that values different ways of thinking, and encourages people to develop their own treasure.

It's also a good place for me to be stimulated and learn, but also feel supported and understood!

Brittney: A fantastic movement to change the world for people whose minds are complex and Amazing and who have so much potential.

Emmanuel: A place to connect & unite with like-minded people who aim to change the world! What’s not to love!

Tools: Join us on Facebook, WhatsApp, .... 

Making a Difference with Your Nonlinear Brain

"Harnessing Nonlinear Thinking for Global Change"

Current projects :
- The Global Think Tank (become a member and enter the Think Tank)
- The Brain Forest Alliance (become a sponsor, or be active as a volunteer in the Brain Forest Alliance)
- Ambassadors (become an Octopus Movement Ambassador in your country)
- Octopus Garden Writer (become a writer for our blogposts at the Octopus Garden)
- The Situation Room (submit your idea to the Situation Room)

Questions: Send us an email at 


"Deep Dive into Nonlinear Thinking"
is your go-to resource within the Octopus Movement, offering illuminating articles, case studies, and interactive discussions that explore the limitless potential of nonlinear thought in solving complex challenges and driving innovative change.

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