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Brain Forest Alliance


Where Diverse Minds Converge for Unconventional Wisdom

The Brain Forest Alliance, an initiative by the Octopus Movement, serves as a collaborative platform for diverse, nonlinear thinkers focused on tackling complex global challenges. By becoming a member, you gain access to a continuously expanding global nonlinear brain, supercharging your capacity for innovative problem-solving. And you apply automatically for a nonlinear grant. Financial support for your organisation to do something that creates a significant contribution solving the unsolvable.
Membership also allows you to display the Brain Forest Alliance logo, a powerful statement that your organization is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) and embraces different thinking to shape a better world.

Becomean alliancemember

$ 100

Start-ups, Non-profits, Small businesses 
*monthly donation

$ 250

Corporate & Education

*monthly donation

We have 4 packages for using the Global Nonlinear Brain of the Octopus Movement with the Brain Forest Alliance. 

When you buy a package you will have a half year Alliance Member Subscription. 

With this package you have access to our Think Tank, solving your unsolvable question. With a global team of nonlinear thinkers we will create a white paper for you with our solution.
The next step is the global support of our network to make it happen.  
Download our White Paper of the Global Nonlinear Brain - Think Tank for more information. 

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