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Microalgae Ski's and Fashion

Most activewear is made with petroleum-based materials—this one uses algae instead. Microalgae Sustainable Innovation

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The Nonlinear Solution to Fossil Fuels

In a world grappling with climate change, Checkerspot offers a breath of fresh air—quite literally. This material science startup has successfully converted microalgae, a natural carbon dioxide absorbent, into sustainable oil. This oil is now used in an array of innovative products, from algae-based snow skis to activewear.

Rethinking the Petrochemical Industry

The ingenuity of Checkerspot lies in its nonlinear thinking—taking inspiration from the petrochemical industry, but adopting a sustainable approach. Charles Dimmler, the founder, stresses that their technology can make a significant dent in the climate crisis.

The Practical Application

Checkerspot has unveiled its activewear line, WNDR Alpine, showcasing garments made from algae-derived material and recycled fibers. A notable feature is its sweat-wicking coating, made from algae, that can regulate body temperature effectively.

The Bigger Picture

At its core, Checkerspot aims to disrupt the traditional supply chain with algae-based materials. By creating a moisture-wicking coating with an 80% smaller carbon footprint, they're not just providing an alternative but are encouraging the industry to rethink its resources.

The Takeaway

Checkerspot's nonlinear approach could be a game-changer for reducing the fashion industry's carbon footprint. This vision aligns perfectly with the Octopus Garden's commitment to promoting nonlinear, innovative, and eco-friendly solutions. The URL:


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