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Coffee as a Door to Self-Awareness

Person enjoying a mindful moment with morning coffee
My morning coffee

by Jana Belugina

For many, the morning coffee is a routine kickstart, a necessary caffeine boost to commence the day. But as a coach and self-discovery mentor, I've found that this humble beverage can be much more—it can be a portal to self-awareness and intentionality.

The Unexamined Coffee Routine

In our fast-paced society, coffee is often consumed mindlessly. We're accustomed to multitasking, with our attention divided between our drink and our smartphones. Our coffee choices are habitual, made without much thought. This reflects our broader tendency to automate our daily rituals to save time and energy. But this automation comes at the cost of self-awareness.

Disrupting the Routine for Self-Discovery

To foster self-reconnection, I advocate for breaking free from routine. Just as I experiment with new workouts or diets, I decided to disrupt my regular coffee choice. This led me one day to order a V60 instead of my usual oat cappuccino - a decision that opened up a new world of coffee experiences for me. This seemingly small change was a step towards deeper self-awareness.

Coffee as a Ritual of Mindfulness

Now, the first sip of coffee each morning is a sacred, distraction-free moment. It’s a time to ground myself, savor the flavor, and set my intentions for the day. This ritual of choosing the right coffee for the moment teaches me to ask similar questions about every aspect of my life. What do I really want right now? What is truly important to me? This approach has led me to refuse mediocrity in all areas of life, not just in my choice of coffee.

Coffee as a Metaphor for Intentional Living

My relationship with coffee has become a metaphor for living life intentionally. It represents a conscious engagement with the present moment. Just as I carefully select my coffee, I've learned to make mindful choices in all areas of my life.

Lessons from the Coffee Cup

Coffee has become my silent teacher, imparting lessons of mindfulness, self-awareness, and intentional living. Slowing down to appreciate the nuances of coffee has not only enriched my routine but has also deepened my understanding of myself and the world.

The Transformative Power of Intention

Exploring different coffee blends and brewing methods has instilled a sense of curiosity and a desire for continuous discovery. This approach extends to life itself, where the quality of conversations, projects, and experiences matters deeply.

A Daily Reminder

Each cup of coffee is a reminder that life is meant to be savored, not rushed through. It symbolizes the beauty of the present moment and guides us toward full awareness and intentionality in life.

A Cup of Intention

As I raise my morning cup, it's not just in gratitude for its warmth and flavor but also for the wisdom it imparts. It reminds me to cherish each moment and to constantly ask, "What do I truly want at this moment?" In this simple question lies the essence of living a life of intention.

Jana Belugina is a Founding Member in the Octopus Movement, Jana's expertise in connecting founders and startups, and her skill in weaving networks that breathe life into new opportunities, aligns seamlessly with our mission of solving the unsolvable. Her journey through business development, sales, and team building across international landschapes brings a wealth of experience to our mycelium network of amazing people.


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