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Emptiness is Full of Energy: Unveiling the Power of Weekly Mycelium Meditation


In a world where meditation is often viewed as a set of techniques or practices, the idea that "emptiness is full of energy" challenges the conventional wisdom. Rooted in Raja yoga—a yoga form that advocates for a deeply moral life of integrity—the concept centers around the absence of control, concentration, and practice. This perspective is also the essence of our weekly Mycelium Meditation.

The Control Paradox

Many meditation systems, whether Tibetan, Zen, or others, often involve a level of control and concentration. They offer practices that you can do every day—often promoted by gurus and authorities who offer you a path to follow. This kind of repetitive, systematic practice can lead to a state of mechanical, self-centered meditation that can make your mind more "infantile, narrow, mechanical, without any substance behind it."

The Depth of Emptiness

So what happens when we embrace emptiness? In contrast to the concentration-focused systems, emptiness is about shedding our attachments, including greed and other self-centered activities. When the mind is free of its content—be it your anxieties, beliefs, or attachments—it is genuinely free. This kind of mind, devoid of thought-created 'things,' is naturally full of energy.

The Mantra of 'Not Becoming'

The word "mantra" has often been misunderstood or misused in modern contexts. Broken down, 'man' means to meditate or ponder over not becoming something, while 'tra' signifies the putting away of all self-centered activity. This speaks to the core of meditation, which is not about becoming something or achieving a state but about "not becoming." It's about letting go, to enable your mind to be completely free.

Join Us in Mycelium Meditation

Embracing the idea that "emptiness is full of energy," our weekly Mycelium Meditation offers a unique space to explore this form of meditation. By connecting with participants globally, we aim to tap into a collective consciousness that goes beyond the individual and transcends to a universal energy pool.

Freedom in Emptiness

So, if you're interested in exploring a meditation form that doesn't tie you to a rigid system but rather liberates you through its inherent emptiness, join us in our weekly Mycelium Meditation. Let's explore the profound energy that comes from a mind free of content.


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