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Jean-Luc Trepanier
Jun 26, 2022
In Ambassadors
Bonjour, Hi, I'm Jean-Luc Trépanier and I live in Verdun, Québec, and happy and honored to be the Montréal Ambassador for The Octopus Movement. I'm here to help you with your questions about T.O.M. in proper Franglish. ;) If you are planning to visit Montréal, I'm here to help you with your questions. You can contact me in any of these ways: Talk to you soon, JL³
Jean-Luc Trepanier
May 25, 2022
In PickMyBrain
Come and say Hi! And let's get to know each other: Don't be afraid to mention you need help with something or to mention that something is bothering you, I might have a bit of knowledge and/or wisdom that might help you out.
Jean-Luc Trepanier

Jean-Luc Trepanier

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