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Lia Jaeqx
Jul 05, 2022
In Live events Octopus Movement
hello dear fellow octopuses, who dares to swim/play with me Thursday during the first octojam? We will do exercises from improvisation, mindful movement, clowning, body work and our fantasy and emotions :). And afterwards we can hang-out if you like to chat. You don't need to know or can do anything to participate, everyone is welcome! Do you want to join? Do you have questions? Do you want to organize the next octojam ( I'd love to hear it in the comments or in a private message! And do you like a few playful warming-up exercises for the next 2 days? - Go for a walk and let the small animals you encounter along the way determine your route. follow a butterfly or an insect or follow 1 and then another, keep it safe but move from left to right where the small creature will bring you; - Put on a nice dance number and for a minute follow all the movements the tip of your elbow wants to make right now, then feel what movement your hip wants to make, or dance as if the floor is filled with sticky marshmallows; - go all out jabbering (sounds without real words/talking in a made-up language) about something that you are angry about, don't use real words, but sounds and gestures and play with your anger; -doodle on paper for 20 seconds without a goal/idea/destination and then look at your sheet from a distance, what do you see? what did you make, what story or shape is hidden in your doodle? Will I see you Thursday 7th of juli 2022 at 8pm cet? Seems very nice!!! Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 860 4847 6299 Passcode: 299152
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